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About Yu

Like many great things, Yū was born from a journey of experiences and connections. Meet Jenny, Preston, Lori, Devin, and Janae — the heart and soul behind Yū. With backgrounds in affiliate sales, marketing, product development, and operations, our team brings together a uniquely balanced combination of skills. From the start, we were driven by the desire to be better; to create products that enhance health, provide affiliate income that transforms lives, foster personal relationships that last, and launch initiatives that uplift communities.

Our inspiration

We saw the shortcomings in companies around us and envisioned a different path — one where science and loyalty are at the forefront, influencers have a voice, and relationships between companies and influencers are symbiotic. Our dream was not just to start a company but to create a home for influencers, products that make a difference, authenticity in a superficial world, and a network that impacts lives positively.

Created By Affiliates, For Affiliates

At Yū, we're all about the individual. Created by affiliates for affiliates, we leverage the expertise of the world's top formulators to bring you best-in-class products. Innovation is our compass, leading us to be what others are not.

Here's how we stand out:

Products: Formulated based on science, our products use natural ingredients, promoting health and lifestyle changes through improved personal nutrition.

Giving Back: Through our Yū Care and Share program, we encourage involvement and giving back to local communities, aiming to improve lives wherever we touch.

Income: Offering a simple yet lucrative pay structure, we ensure influencers receive lifelong rewards for the customers they bring.

Voice: We value feedback and ideas from our top performers, acknowledging that the best ideas come from those on the ground doing the work.

Partnership: We see affiliates not just as advertisers but as partners in our mission to create better lives.

Our journey so far

Yu started five years ago with a dream to create better products. We've grown almost double since then, and we are just getting started! 

"Our dream was not just to start a company but to create a home for influencers, products that make a difference, authenticity in a superficial world, and a network that impacts lives positively."

Yu core values

Our guiding principles for exceptional products



Trust is the foundation of our relationships. By consistently delivering genuine products, accurate information, and exceptional service, we aim to build lasting trust with our customers.


Our team goes above and beyond to provide personalized support to our customers and affiliates. We believe in making a positive impact on the lives of our customers, ensuring their health and happiness.


We conduct ourselves with honesty, ethics, and professionalism. We take responsibility for our actions and uphold the highest standards in delivering reliable products.


We embrace innovation as a driving force in our quest to enhance healthcare solutions. By staying at the forefront of advancements in technology, ideas, and processes, we continuously improve our offerings.

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