With Enhanced Bioactive Turmeric


With TrimFit



Enhanced Bioactive Turmeric

Calming immune support.

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Protect Probiotic

The key to good gut health and wellbeing.

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Total Hormone Balance

All-natural ingredients that address 6 negative symptoms of your period.

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Burn calories, control cravings, and improve your mood.

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Beauty Collagen

Give your hair, skin, and nails what they need to thrive.

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Unflavored Collagen

Made with hyaluronic acid and melon extract to hydrate.

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Earth+Ocean Greens

Over 100 whole ingredients to power your day.

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Experience Benefits!

We’ve put a lot of thought, and science, into our products that contain specific benefits to make you look and feel exceptional.


Earth+Ocean Greens
and TrimFit Bundle

Bundle and Save $5

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Collagen and TrimFit Bundle

Bundle and Save $5

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TrimFit, Collagen, and Greens Bundle

Bundle and Save $7

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TrimFit 2-Pack Bundle

Bundle and Save $5

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Protect and TrimFit Bundle

Bundle and Save $5

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Unflavored Collagen and TrimFit Bundle

Bundle and Save $6

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See Results!

We have created products that you can feel and see the difference. Our products have worked for Jenny and thousands of others.

Yū SportGrip Bottles


Yū Plum SportGrip Bottle


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Yū Teal SportGrip Bottle


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Yū Navy SportGrip Bottle


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Read Reviews!

We aren’t shy about some of the amazing 5 star reviews. Read a few…or a few hundred and share similar experiences on how these products have changed your life.


"My hair doesn’t usually grow. This has been the ONLY product that keeps it on my head and not down in the drain, as well as FINALLY seeing growth!!!! I always have a back up waiting to go, so I don’t miss a day! I just throw it in a water bottle every morning- super easy & it tastes good!"

Brooke H.

"Within the first 14 days of consistent use of this brand of collagen supplement I noticed a significant change in my skin and hair for the better. With continued use I have only experienced improvement in the strength of my fingernails, brighter glowing skin, and hair strength. I will not go without my Yu Collagen ... I’ve never found one that tastes good as well as actually works until Yu!"

Linnea M.

"...I was diagnosed with Lupus 7 years ago and have suffered immensely from painful, swollen joints and this collagen has greatly reduced it to almost having none, My skin, nails and hair are also showing great improvements, hair and nails are growing like you would not believe, I can’t seam to upload photo’s here to show that but its amazing, I cannot be with out this Super Yummy and so refreshing drink!"

Tina M.

"I have been suffering with mild acne for as long as I can remember. I am 37. About 5 years ago, two years after having my second baby, I started experiencing rosacea along with my acne. It’s been a physical and emotional battle. I’ve been following Jenny for a couple years now and I finally made the decision to try the collagen after seeing her great results. I am so happy to say I’ve never felt better in my own skin. I am seeing amazing results after just three months of using the collagen ... Thank you for sharing your story and for creating a great product!

Karly V.

"I have been taking Beautiful Yū collagen supplement daily for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it! I have seen improvements in my skin, hair growth and nails strength. The fact that it is packed with many vitamins and is all natural makes me a very satisfied customer."

Isabelle T.


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